Placeholder ImageThis is not a story of a girl but the emotions a guy has when he says ‘Yes’ for an illusionary ride.

He was not ready for the moment, but the time compelled him to. After making himself strong and taking all the beatings from the past, he was not sure for another fall.
Then came a time when he started reliving the moments of his life, after having experienced dance of destiny. He started enjoying the springs, summers and winters. He felt the rains by extending hands out of the window,and touching the rain drops coming straight from the sky. As if the rain drops came down to put off the fire of a freshly engulfed heart. He sensed the drops touching ground and releasing that soothing fragrance. The moment had its own romance, the crave of meeting your love after a long time. The shackles of time were broken and emotions were released. Giving him the feeling of completeness, and satisfaction.
The sky-bound started helping the guy to build the same castle again, at the time when he wasn’t prepared it. He resisted several times, didn’t answer to the questions asked to him again and again. He wasn’t sure of building the castle again and filling with memories. He was rather seeking a permanent asylum in a small hut of warmth and love. The sky-bound rays started attracting and pulling him towards itself. His dark past was illuminated. In joy he detached all the strings from past and lived in the present slowly taking the vibe towards his future.
The start of the illusion starts when the heart starts living in denial mode. Feeling of the loved one around even when she is not. Mentally they start living together where physical presence doesn’t hold much of a meaning.
But, things are not as easy as it seems. Now, talking about the reality, lets take it forward. After days, nights and months of talking he started feeling the closeness and the comfort level was established between him and her. He shared something but everything with her, she gave him the authority to lead and she also sometimes took the charge of the march towards a blurry future. It was a long-distance bond, needed commitment and efforts. She made all the efforts, letting her ego and personality aside just for him, and in return he behaved the way he was. He was caring, and loving but didn’t express as she was expecting. He started loving her in his own ways, which he thought was perfect. Being simple was always better than making promises and talking big. It wasn’t materialistic but pure, the care and love was unconditional, which brought both the souls, separated by distance, very closer.
They met, made and bonded over the time. Everything was perfect till the expectations started over powering love and understanding. She became his strength and he, as a man, became very sure about her. He was attached to her like a tight string, he was perfect with her. But, sometimes love turned into small fights. He was never ready for relationship because he knew that if he is attached to someone, it is hard for him to let off the person easily. He was strong and a fighter for his cause that was his skybound angel.
Indeed, as the time passed by they both got attached emotionally and physically, trying to understand every single minors of their personality. The destiny indicated him that it wont be so easy as thought.
The relationship only demanded time and attention, and for him she said, would fight and face anything. They pledged to sail all the tough times together.
But, then came a storm of misunderstanding which broke the threads of communication. It wasn’t even a fight, rather, lack of conversation was the reason. It was no ones fault, just the time was inappropriate. Long messages and call were made one after the another by him to reestablish the vibe but it failed. He tried to clear everything in all possible ways, keeping his cool and understanding every single point but was in vain. She didn’t acknowledge him, nor did she spoke properly but continuously broke him with her ignorance. Earlier, whenever fights took place he was the one who with his maturity resolved every issue and brought the closeness back. He was so strong and confident. This time he was helpless, he kept on trying without giving hope. He accepted all his mistakes and tried to convince her but she was too cold.
He waited for hours and days for her response but only  thing she gave was her rude and unacceptable conduct. When the testing time came, she showed her immaturity in dealing critical situations. She did many times, but this time it was really needed. He started having doubts about her initial big talks. She wasn’t even ready to talk about it.
He wasn’t prepared for another fall in a relationship which could rattle him, he gave everything he could in saving this bond. She had many complaints from him and when he expressed about his, she got annoyed. She was not even ready to clarify or listen to him. Was it so big? No, not at all.
When he needed her support and response she didn’t care to even bother about him, and she was talking about sailing the tough times together. Like this?

In a relationship its ‘give and take’, nothing should be taken for granted because both have importance. To make a relationship work requires efforts from both sides. In initial phase of a relationship fights do happen, misunderstandings do take place during the chapter of ‘knowing each other’. It is upto both of them to handle and walk through, not only happy times but also toughest of situation. Saving the flame of love is the responsibility of both.
Being in Love is not so easy as it sounds. It requires, understanding, compatibility, believing, trust, support and many more things than Love.
He knew since the beginning that this was coming. It wasn’t working! But, he was and is still hopeful. He thinks he can make it work.
He met her in a flight, she was operating and he was a passenger. The first meeting was such that they both started believing a lie.
–Blues forever 🙂


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